VanDer Moor~Hond Kennels
VanDer Moor~Hond Kennels
The Beauceron

A beautiful and rustic appearing dog to those who know
and love them,
formidable appearing to those who don't.

These highly intelligent dogs from France are also commonly known as
the French Shepherd,
Berger de Beauce, or Bas Rouge (Red Stocking)
and have a long rich history.

Ownership consideration:

This breed is probably not for the faint at heart, although easy to have
in the home they need to be guaranteed regular vigorous exercise or
as with any breed can become destructive.
Some form of formal obedience or social activity is highly
Early socialization is a must.  For those who have ventured into the
wonderful world of the beauceron the rewards are numerous  and the
loyalty shown is truly immense.

Although under the heading of herding breed,
these wonderful dogs can master a multitude of task including,
but not limited to
Police Dog, Sport Dog, SAR, Service dog, Agility competitor
and most importantly
a loyal family protector and friend.

A brief overview of the standard

"A strong dog, but without heaviness"... Average height 27" and  
often weighing near 100lbs.

The beauceron is a working dog which must give the impression of
strength, freedom of movement, and liveliness.
Must have the look of an athlete.
double dewclaws on each rear leg, single on fronts

ears held high on head, uncropped ears are acceptable

a strong tail with light fringe, held down, in the shape  of a "J"

a dark eye, never light, having a proud and serious look

one of two coat colors black and tan-- harlequin
Characteristics one must notice
Chase and Puppies
now:-) 2008
Puppies are cute he is
Mattee and I goofing off
Oxzhana VanDer Moor~Hond
Chase and Puppy "Then"
aren't they cute!  1999
Delwyn and I when we
picked up Electra from Seattle
Mattee and Electra
Having some fun on the haystack they think the higher
the better and the more the merrier!
Zesty is the natural ear, Shady is lying on the ground
because she got tired of
getting pushed off by Arac<LOL>
Angie is hard to get to sit still and that's her and Arac
jumping off together
and of course, can't forget Ticker the Rat Terrier that
has to be in the middle of it all!!
Arac & Angie
Arac & Ticker
Arac & Angie
Washington Classic
July 4th 2009
Stine & Friends:-)
Boise, ID Fall 2009
Arac BOB all 4 show!
Above Arac & Vannie and pups 2010

Keeta is a Vannie Daughter
Keeta is a Certified SAR
dog in Klammoth County, OR
and also has earned her
AKC Championship

Congratulations Keeta and Jo!!
Above Lex and Tyler enjoying the snow

Left Lex Fall 2013  

Right Lex's Paw print!!!